What's Your Story?

"What's Your Story?" #001-Fred Blunt Interview

May 20, 2020 Todd Phillips Season 2 Episode 1
What's Your Story?
"What's Your Story?" #001-Fred Blunt Interview
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I was so fortunate to have the opportunity to sit down with today’s guest, Fred Blunt and chat about his background, family roots along with his art process(s) behind the creation of his many whimsical characters that grace the pages of so many children’s books available in the marketplace today. His books have a worldwide reach that attracts both children and adults alike.
 Fred was generous enough to share some time out of his busy schedule and within just a few minutes of talking with him, I felt as though I was talking with an old chum.

We also talk about the recent solo book that he both penned and illustrated…and to the joys of so many people and fans,..including yours truly. The book is titled “Gnome” and this very rude little man has only one answer to everything,…and that’s NO!!! (Or shall we say GNO!!?)

All I can say is I’m so happy that Fred isn’t as unobliging as his leading character …….and he accepted my invitation to appear on this podcast to answer the prevailing question, . . .“Fred,…Tell me,…What’s Your Story?”

You can purchase "GNOME" as well as Fred's many other children's books that he has illustrated at these fine online book retailers:

Amazon UK: Amazon UK_Fred Blunt's Books 

GNOME: Where to get your copy of Gnome

Amazon US: Fred Blunt's Books

GNOME: Where to get your copy of Gnome in the US

Barnes & Noble: Fred's Books

Follow Fred on Twitter: @FredBlunt

Fred's Website: https://fredbluntillustration.com/

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The Creative Seed Sprouts Early in Swindon
NO! GNO! or GNOME! Gnome is Born!
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Santa Claus vs. Easter Bunny
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