What's Your Story?

"What's Your Story?" S3 | #001-Bob Weber Jr. Interview

February 11, 2024 Todd Dolce' Season 3 Episode 1
What's Your Story?
"What's Your Story?" S3 | #001-Bob Weber Jr. Interview
Show Notes

With a worldwide newspaper distribution of 400+, my guest today, none other than the esteemed cartoonist, writer and illustrator, Bob Weber Jr. is likely best known for his award-winning syndicated comic strip and brain puzzler panel ….. "Slylock Fox."

Bob's ingenious cast of hilarious characters coupled with his wonderful art style are captured in a daily, panel sized brain puzzler format which continues to attract fans of all different ages!! The comic has an incredibly broad appeal reaching audiences from around the globe. 

Slylock Fox has also earned the Parent's Choice Approval Commendation by the Parent's Choice Foundation, the first comic strip to receive this honor. 

Join me in this episode of "What's Your Story?" as I chat with the legendary cartoonist Bob Weber Jr. about his background, his career, the birth of Slylock Fox along with a peak behind his creative process…

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