What's Your Story?

"What's Your Story?" #010-Andy Runton Interview_Season Finale 2-Hour Special Episode

November 03, 2023 Todd Dolce' Season 2 Episode 10
What's Your Story?
"What's Your Story?" #010-Andy Runton Interview_Season Finale 2-Hour Special Episode
Show Notes

Andy Runton’s cute little Owly character found his way home before my very eyes  while perusing online sometime in the very early 2000’s and I couldn’t help but smile as Owly's deceptively simplistic shape design immediately appealed to all of my senses.  In a sea of overdone and worn-out superhero types littering both print and digital platforms, Owly was a breath of fresh air!  After digging deeper into the book series, I soon realized that the stories behind the cute little bird were indeed as charming as the art. 

Cuteness and a good story will always prevail in my eyes, but add to it, a good lesson nestled somewhere between the text and the art and now you have my undivided attention.  Andy Runton accomplishes this trifecta with great skill and craftsmanship. His ability to weave charm, kindness, life lessons with an equally wonderful story  into a fun adventure makes it abundantly clear why he has earned countless awards and praises across the children’s book industry. 

As is the case of many of my legendary and talented creative guests, Runton’s career trajectory was not without its challenges and roadblocks but just like the other successful talents, he persevered and never let anything prevent him from reaching his professional goals. 

Join me today in this season finale special episode with the Eisner Award winning author/illustrator Andy Runton about the early years, his career path to success and as well… his design process and preferred tools of the trade.

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