What's Your Story?

"What's Your Story?" #009-Raissa Figueroa Interview

October 14, 2023 Todd Dolce' Season 2 Episode 9
What's Your Story?
"What's Your Story?" #009-Raissa Figueroa Interview
Show Notes

Raissa Figueroa’s beautiful illustrations first caught my attention while perusing online through my usual community outlets and immediately captivated me with her use of organic and luminescent colors weaved beautifully into her water-colored worlds of both land, sky and sea. Her ability to accentuate the environments depicted in her images with her stunning use of color serves as the perfect backdrop for her equally charming subject matter.

It did not take long after looking at subsequent illustrations along with her portfolio of work, to fully understand the breadth of her talent.  With illustration credits for such wonderful children’s books like “We Wait for the Sun”,  “Oona”,   “You Will Do Great Things”,   “We are One”,    “Like So” and her own authored and illustrated book, “What My Daddy Loves” it’s no wonder Raissa has gained the worldwide attention she justly deserves. 

Join me today as I chat with the Corretta Scott King Illustrator Award Honor winner Raissa Figueroa about her early years, career trajectory along with the design process she employs while creating her beautiful art.

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Website: https://rizzyfig,com
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