What's Your Story?

"What's Your Story?" #007-Rob Renzetti Interview

August 03, 2023 Todd Phillips Season 2 Episode 7
What's Your Story?
"What's Your Story?" #007-Rob Renzetti Interview
Show Notes

I first was introduced to Rob Renzetti’s magnificent work through my son Wyatt while preparing him to get in the car and head out to school one morning..... and of course..... struggling to pull him away from a cartoon that would not relinquish its mighty grip from his undivided attention; much to my dismay. 

The show turned out to be “My Life as a Teenage Robot”, and soon at had a grip on me and when we finally managed to pull away and get on the road, we begged for a bit of  XJ-9’s super powers to perhaps provide us with the ability to navigate the skies above the streets  and beat the ring of that dreaded morning school bell!

Rob’s 2D animated masterpiece was just the beginning for my son and I… as we soon discovered that his personal stamp would appear on several other wonderful animated shows such as “2 Stupid Dogs”, “Mina and the Count”, Gravity Falls and Kid Cosmic.

I had the distinct pleasure to talk with Rob back in 2009 (available here) where he shared in detail about his start from a youngster… up through to his established career as a Professional Animator/Creator/Director and Producer.  Although time did not permit us to dive deep into his writing career during that episode, fast forward to 2023 and we are just a couple of weeks removed from his latest authored and published book release, “The Horrible Bag of Terrible Things”. Today we are going to focus on this delightfully twisted horror fantasy as well as his process for transferring such a wonderfully twisted adventure from mind to print and everywhere in-between.

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