What's Your Story?

"What's Your Story?" #006-Anna Terreros-Martin Interview

May 09, 2023 Season 2 Episode 6
What's Your Story?
"What's Your Story?" #006-Anna Terreros-Martin Interview
Show Notes

I first discovered Anna's work through social media where illustrations shared from  her recent authored illustrated Children's book entitled, "The Friendly Mammoth" first appeared.  My love for the Woolly Mammoth and appreciation for great story telling coupled with the beautiful artwork contained within the pages of the book immediately drew me in!  After reading through the entire book and diving deeper into Anna's other works, it was obvious to me that I needed and WANTED to interview this rising star in the picture book industry.  

Her passion for nature, wildlife and the environment for which we all inhabit together is front and center in her work and her soft and silky style of art is as beautiful to look at as it is soothing to the soul.  Anna's skills as a writer/storyteller are stellar. She has a mastery of weaving  an ecological and environmental focus with wonderfully engaging story lines replete with life lessons.  She writes without resorting to pushing overbearing messages that might risk superseding the charm of the story. The balance between a wonderful story and beautiful art is perfection.  The bottom line to what makes a children's book great is how the children respond to it.  The results are in,...Anna Terreros-Martin is a HIT! I'm not surprised one bit,

It is with great pleasure that I present to you my latest chapter of "What's Your Story?"  with guest and rising star, Anna Terreros-Martin!  

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The Reading Zone: Anna Reads "The Friendly Mammoth"
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